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Welcome to the homepage of GR Joint Effort!

What's GR Joint Effort?

JointEffort is a project where different track authors create one track. The landmap is divided into squares. Those squares can be booked by GR forum members. After all squares are booked, everybody designs his square consecutively. When all squares are done, there is a final toucher who adds the "final touch" to the track to make it look like a solid integrity.

The point is to have fun and see what kind of tracks different authors can make when they all can throw in their ideas. Please read the rules before you join.
After you have read the rules you may join the Joint Effort Track Project in the forum.

What's GeneRally?

GeneRally is a great computer racing game for one to six players on one computer. You can also do hotlaps or drive against the computer. The game was created by the two Finnish brothers Hannu and Jukka Räbinä.

Alternative GeneRally website
Official website
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Inofficial International Forum

Download: a GR landmap, split to 3x3 squares