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Joint Effort - Rules

Last update: 21st November 2006

General Rules:

  1. First 9 people have to book a square
  2. The first one who books starts, and after that somebody next to that square has to make his
  3. Don't book squares until the previous Joint Effort track is finished. (including final touches etc.)
  4. You must have released at least 2 tracks of your own (fine quality) to join.
  5. When you book a square, post a message which includes only the name of the square you want to do and nothing else. For example "Bottom Left". This way, it will be easier to follow how the squares are booked. Only these kind of bookings are valid, other will be ignored. For example "Give me a square!!11" or "i wanna sqare in teh next track!1" will just cause headshake.
    1. If you absolutely must type something else to the same post at least write the square you want in bold.
    2. If you'd like to be the finishing toucher, request in clearly.

Rules about the track:

  1. Please state clearly when you are going to begin making you're square so that only one person works at a time.
  2. Think about how the track 'goes'. Don't just make a few curves that make it (almost) impossible to continue with the track in a normal way.
  3. Make your square as beautiful as possible, it's just a little square, but you can do so much with it, don't be afraid to spend more than 30 minutes. (less is ok too of course, it just has to look nice)
  4. Don't change the theme, you can make something different on your square, but don't start to make a square without snow on a snow track...
    1. If you book a square in JointEfforts, you have the responsibility to take care that you will make your square in time, (means that you don't hold it up for ages) but use time and effort with it to make it as good as possible.
    2. If it is your turn to make a square, and you have not posted it within 7 days, your square will be given to someone else and you will not be allowed to participate in the next JE project.

    You will not be allowed in the next JE if your square goes unfinished for 7 days. If your 7 days are up, and you have not let us know if you are not going to be able to do your square, you will not be allowed in the next JE. So please, let us know if you cannot do your square.

  5. Every square cannot include a track, so there needs to be some scenery only squares (especially at the 4x4 square tracks) They are as important as the track squares.
  6. The track doesn't have to use all the space of your square or always go trough the middle of it. It can just cut the corner or one side of it. Try to imagine the whole map without the squares. Otherwise the track will end up "square-ish".
    For example:
    3x3 tracks should have 1-2 scenery only squares
    4x4 tracks should have 3-5 scenery only squares
    This way, we keep the tracks fresh and interesting, without making them too "busy".

So remember: Details, scenery and eye candy make the track alive. Use your creativity as much as you can, every square is like your own signature to the track. It also shows your skills to everyone. Of course, never forget the track flow and driveability.

Download: a GR landmap, split to 3x3 squares